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I’m a telecommunications engineer with 20 years of experience with GNU/Linux and almost a decade of experience developing real-time embedded software. I work at comemso GmbH on measurement devices for electric cars and chargers; in my free time, I’m also involved in open-source development as a member of the CentOS Cloud Instance SIG (I maintain of the official CentOS Linux images for Vagrant, “centos/6” and “centos/7”).

I used to be an R&D embedded software engineer for Agilent Technologies’ Electronic Measurements Group in Böblingen, Germany, for 9 years, developing software for bit error rate testers and debugging high-frequency boards and ASICs.

Before that, I was employed by the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iași, Romania as an instructor at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.

For issues related to the CentOS images for Vagrant, please post a message to the centos-devel mailing list (subscription required) or contact [email protected].