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SIG Cloud Instance Build – The build scripts of the cloud images for CentOS Linux. The “vbox-packer” branch in my development clone adds support for locally building experimental Vagrant images for VirtualBox using Packer, with the Guest Additions preinstalled and using virtio networking for better performance.

Endymion – A command-line tool that can check the validity of the Atlas links to externally stored Vagrant images. It can detect circular redirects, use of non-https links and linking to the wrong image version; it can also export the full JSON data from Atlas while inserting the missing SHA256 checksums (useful for self-hosting the images).

Cloud Instance Vagrant CICO Util – Scripts used for building and testing the CentOS Linux images for Vagrant on “cico” (the continuous integration cluster of the CentOS Project, New images are built and tested automatically in response to pull requests on GitHub, but the process can also be started manually for the monthly releases.

Cloud Instance Starter Kit – A solution to create your own Vagrant images, based on the official CentOS Linux images or the Atomic Developer Bundle. The resulting Vagrant boxes are fully updated and include the VirtualBox Guest Additions.

XHR Memory Leak – A self-contained test case for Jenkins bug #10912 (the Jenkins web interface causing a major memory leak in all major browsers). The repository contains the minimum setup necessary to reproduce the problem and demonstrates two different solutions (one of which was accepted upstream as a patch for Jenkins 2.19.4-fixed).